Asturlab Cultural Centre emerged from a genuine need for a ‘home away from home.’ Our journey has been marked by grassroots events, strategic collaborations, and our drive to establish a Muslim-led social enterprise that serves as a permanent, community hub of Islamic heritage and culture and a guiding light for all Muslims in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Story

Asturlab began before it became an officially established charitable trust in 2021. It started with a single individual, who warmly opened his home to introduce a newcomer into the Muslim communities of Canterbury.


Values and Mission

At the heart of Asturlab Cultural Centre lies a long-term commitment to uplifting and empowering the Muslim community of Canterbury.

Our Space

We are currently looking for a centrally located space in Christchurch. Asturlab endeavors to be a safe place for members of the ethnic Muslim communities – a place where they can feel respectfully understood and able to comfortably socialise in traditional ways.

The Name Asturlab

This name was chosen by our founder, Dr Mohammad Abu Dalu, who was inspired after listening to a podcast about astrolabes. The astrolabe is an ancient hand-held device, invented during the Hellenistic period of Greece and used to make many different astrological and astronomical calculations.


We look forward to growing the Asturlab team. See the people who help run Asturlab now.