Dr Mohammad Abu Dalu
Founder and Trustee

Mohammad comes from a Palestinian village called Beit Safafa in Jerusalem. He emigrated to New Zealand in 2019 and works as a GP in Linwood Medical Centre. When he’s not busy being a doctor, Mohammad becomes Asturlab’s chief networker.

Prof Ghassan Abu-Hijleh
Board of Trustees Chairman

Asturlab is honoured to have the esteemed Professor Abu-Hijleh MD on our board of trustees. Born in Jordan, the professor is a family man with a wife and four adult children, who are spread between Australia, New Zealand and the U.A.E. 

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His impressive career started at Ain Shams University Hospital in Cairo, Egypt. Then he quickly worked his way up the medical faculty ladder at Jordan University to become Assistant Professor of the Anatomy Dept, after gaining Diploma in Forensic Medicine and a PhD in Anatomy from Glasgow University in the UK. He was also an Assistant Professor in the Anatomy Department at the United Arab Emirates University for a number of years, before becoming the Superintendent of Faculty of Medicine in AlQuds University in Palestine. 

The professor emigrated with his family to New Zealand in 1999 to work as a Fellow in the Department of Paediatric Surgery at Christchurch Hospital. Within a year he was compelled to return to Palestine where his expertise was greatly needed. Entrusting his family to members of our Muslim community here, he to took on a handful of roles over the following years at four Palestinian universities, including as a Professor of Anatomy and Dean of Allied Medical Sciences at the Arab American University in Jenin; Head of Department of Anatomy and Embryology at An-Najah University in Nablus; Dean of Governmental College Of Medicine In Hebron City and finally Dean of College of Medicine at Hebron University in the West Bank up until late 2021. The professor’s medical research has been well-published over the years and his significant contributions to numerous, university medical faculties was recognised with the “Award for Teaching Excellence” given to him by the Palestinian Faculty Development Program. He has now taken a much deserved retirement and is considered a kaumatua within our Muslim communities in Christchurch. We are delighted to have him on our team.

Abdullah Barakutallah

Abdullah was born in Afghanistan and at the young age of 15, he travelled to Saudi Arabia to study Arabic and Sharia Law at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah. There he memorised the entire Quran and received a Quran ljazah, a special license authorizing its holder to transmit certain Quranic Knowledge to others. Abdullah also worked in the field of Community Organization back in Afghanistan and we believe his skills will serve our youth communities well.