Asturlab is actively developing the services we provide for the community and expanding them as we are able to. Some services we provide now and others we want to be able to provide in the not-too-distant future.

Current Services Provided


Welcoming Newcomers

  • Extending a warm reception to ethnic Muslim immigrants to New Zealand.
  • Offering special invitations to events, making house calls and facilitating introductions.

Ethnically Inspired Gathering and Gallery Space

  • Traditional floor seating, ethnocultural decor and the display of Muslim and Islamic artwork.
  • Platforms for people to enjoy entertainment from both national and international, public speakers and musicians.

Muslim Cultural Event Organization and Production

  • Conducted throughout the year with a focus on ethnocultural Muslim events.
  • Promotion and facilitation of public/private; indoor/outdoor; traditional/unique and ranging from small to large in scale.

Future Service Goals


Ethnic Muslim Culturally-Focused, Educational Programmes

  • Facilitation and running of community-based, culturally-aware programmes that enable traditional methods of communication to be respectfully upheld and proper traditions observed.
  • Ranging from campaigns to increase community vaccination numbers to programmes that offer educational assistance with integration into New Zealand society.
  • Programmes that promote multiculturalism and offer insight into the diversity and beauty of cultures and ethnicities that exist around the Muslim world.

Traditional Tearoom

  • Cafe-style atmosphere selling ethnic teas, coffees and light food along with ethnic cultural, background music.

Shop Space for Ethnic Muslim Wares

  • Space for the buying and selling of ethnic Muslim arts, crafts, jewellery, clothing and dry goods.

Library and Bookshop for Ethnic Muslim and Islamic Literature

  • A small library and bookshop stocking Muslim and Islamic literature with a focus on sourcing English and Maori translations.