Our Mission And Goals


Asturlab’s mission is to empower initiatives, programmes and ideas that will benefit our ethnic Muslim communities and enhance social cohesion among them.

We also promote multiculturalism by supporting and organising ethnic Muslim events throughout the year, as well as providing a space and creating an atmosphere for everyone to experience and appreciate the diversity of cultures from countries with predominantly Islamic heritages. Asturlab will be a space where the cultural traditions from these countries can flourish. At Asturlab we work to build meaningful relationships that break down social barriers. Our centre will be a hub of cultural reciprocity – a place where people can learn about the things they have in common as well as the things which make them different and that this knowledge can be woven together into something beautiful and new.

Asturlab intends to be a platform to support and showcase ethnic Muslim cultures in Canterbury for generations to come. Thereby preserving their heritages and passing on treasured traditions to each new generation with pride and respectfulness. Asturlab is working with the Christchurch City Council and other organisations to secure a public space with a location to be announced soon.

Looking into the future, an important vision for Asturlab is to construct an environmentally-sustainable building in the heart of Christchurch that will feature authentic, Islamic architecture and design with a respectful nod towards the indigenous Maori culture of New Zealand. Our vision is that this building will become an iconic landmark and help facilitate ethnic Muslim communities in growing and seeing their cultures thrive here in Canterbury.

Asturlab also aims to expand its support to ethnic Muslim communities outside Christchurch city, into the greater Canterbury region and beyond.