Asturlab’s ability to bring our ethnic Muslim communities together; raise awareness of the diversity of ethnic Muslim cultures and heritages in Canterbury and promote multiculturalism through events and educational programmes depends on your generosity.

Our aim is self-sustainability and to achieve this we will need your help in the early stages. The goals and ambitions of Asturlab can be met and exceeded via community donations and funding channels here in New Zealand as well as from abroad. Please support Asturlab in this journey and help us grow.

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Friends of Asturlab will be first in line to receive information about our latest up-and-coming events, get early access to these events and VIP invitations.

Asturlab prefers to take a community-led approach. We want you to get involved; share your ideas; have your say and help make a positive impact.

It is also vital way for us to communicate with you and keep you up-to-date with our activities and successes. Your membership will help us to gauge community interest in our activities and learn more about the community’s needs and wants.

We will let you know about new programmes, upcoming events and community initiatives that we are supporting or managing. We will ask for feedback on events that you attended and for your opinion on various community issues from time-to-time. Your level of involvement is completely up to you and always appreciated.

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Your generous contributions are vital to Asturlab’s ability to serve our communities, expand our services, reach our goals and create a legacy Christchurch can be proud of. A hundred percent of all donations will go directly towards Asturlab’s goals, services and activities.