Asturlab is actively seeking collaboration from other industries and professionals. Asturlab is just getting started and we need help from other professionals to achieve our goals. So, if you have a skill, talent, materials or even ideas that can help grow, develop or enhance Asturlab’s ability to benefit our Muslim communities, then we are grateful for your assistance.

If you are a podcaster or work in industries like radio or TV and can help us create to reach a wider audience, please contact us. If you have skills in website design, content writing, marketing or promotion, we are interested in your help.

One of our core interests is supporting, organising and managing ethnic Muslim events. So if you are skilled in event planning or management or if you belong to an organisation that would like to collaborate with us on any up-and-coming ethnic Muslim events, please reach out to us.

We are calling on professionals from the architecture and construction industries in New Zealand and from abroad to help us in the planning and designing of an environmentally sustainable building for Asturlab. We envision a building, featuring Islamic architecture and design, that will one day be considered an iconic landmark in Christchurch.